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You deserve the best criminal lawyer Toronto has to offer. Donna V. Pledge has a long track record of successfully defending clients accused of criminal offenses. Donna is highly regarded for her expertise, experience, attention to detail and dedication to her chosen field of work. She values all her clients and gives them equal attention regardless of their social and economic background. With her as your lawyer, you can be rest assured that you will get the best possible defense in Ontario.

Donna V. Pledge is a highly experienced criminal lawyer in Toronto with over twenty years of experience in the area of criminal offence. She has been successfully defending clients since 1992 and has earned the reputation of a tough and no-nonsense lawyer who can get her clients out of any criminal case with either a full acquittal or a very light sentence. She represents her clients in courts all over Ontario.
Her areas of experience and expertise include:

Donna V. Pledge’s office is staffed with legal assistants who can speak and write several languages fluently, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese and French. Clients who have no or very rudimentary knowledge of English can trust her to give them the best defense in any court of law in Ontario.

During over two decades of a successful career as a criminal lawyer in Toronto, Donna has come to be known as a lawyer that her clients can completely trust. She has the skill, experience, dedication and personal touch required to achieve a successful outcome for every criminal case she handles. Once you put your faith in her, she will make sure that you will never have any cause to feel let down.

FREE CONSULTATION: If you wish to discuss your case, you may contact Donna’s Criminal Lawyer Toronto office for your free consultation.

Recent Successes

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  • Z.W.C.- Charged with Impaired Driving, Driving Under the Influence, and Refusal to Provide a Breath Sample. Z.W.C.- Client was charged with Impaired Driving, Driving with Over 80mgs of alcohol in 100mls of blood and Refuse to Provide a Breath Sample. Several charter applications were filed and as a result the crown withdrew the Driving with Over 80mgs of alcohol in 100mls of blood and Refuse to Provide Breath Sample charges. The ...