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Drug Charges

In Canada, drug possession is a crime covered by the Food and Drug Act and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. There are various categories of illegal drugs and there are also many different types of drug charges related to drug possession, trafficking, or production. The different categories of sentences depend on the amount of drugs, circumstances, jurisdiction, and type of drugs involved. The set of laws governing all of these aspects are quite complex. Within this context, drug charges should be dealt with by a professional criminal lawyer who is specialized in understanding all the legal risks deriving from having illegal drugs either for personal use, sale, distribution, or otherwise.

Donna V. Pledge has an impressive track record of successfully represented clients whose drug charges were stayed due to her exceptional abilities and profound knowledge of the law. She fights to have the charges dropped, dismissed, withdrawn or stayed and brings her unwavering commitment to excellence to service her clients. Driven by her passion for criminal defense law, Donna understands every implication of drug charges, whether it is possession, possession with the purpose of trafficking, exportation, or production of controlled substances and drugs.

The punishment for drug charges often depends on the lawyer’s ability to cross examine witnesses, the lawyer’s meticulous knowledge of the law with respect to the regimen of a particular charge, or the lawyer’s far reaching negotiation and mediation skills. Donna V. Pledge has more than two decades of expertise in defending clients in all the courts of law across Ontario. She has built an excellent reputation for successfully representing her clients even in the most challenging drug cases resulting in full acquittal or a reduced sentence for her clients.

Drug charges are not to be taken lightly. They are serious charges that can have serious repercussions. Whether the defendant remains in jail or continues with their life most often depends on the lawyer’s skills and knowledge. Furthermore, Donna’s practice is multi-lingual and she has the capacity to offer assistance even for defendants who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, or Vietnamese. Therefore all her clients will benefit from the best defense in any court of law in Ontario. Her extraordinary commitment to positive results and her ability to represent a comprehensive range of clients for a variety of drug charges make her an extraordinary Toronto criminal lawyer.

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