Many employers require a criminal record check before they give an offer of employment; making it important that you keep your records clear if you were ever involved with the police. If you have a criminal record, you may have the opportunity to clean up your records if you were charged and not convicted or were pardoned from your past conviction. A criminal lawyer like Donna V. Pledge can assist with expunging your records.

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police standardized the format of police records check in 2011. Records of a person with no history with the police will be returned to the employer as “clear”. If there is history, the organization requesting the report will be notified that the record shows a history and the employers will probably ask you for details.

There are 3 levels of service for criminal record checks and this information can only be released upon submission of signed consent from the person holding the record.  When signing the consent form please check to see what level of information is sought by the organization requesting your background check. Here are the 3 levels of service for criminal record checks:

  1. Police criminal record check will disclose criminal convictions that have not received a record suspension (or pardon) and absolute discharges within one year and conditional discharges within the last 3 years. The records are released upon submission of necessary forms and fees. The information will contain identification elements such as date of birth, height and weight, eye colour, hair colour, criminal code under which a person was charged, date charged, and convictions if any with a brief description of the charge.
  2. Police information check is the second tier of a background check, giving a broader range of information with records of local and federal police databases and court records along with records in other police agency jurisdictions. The contents of this report can include outstanding charges, warrants, judicial orders, prohibition orders, peace bonds, probation, discharges (absolute and conditional), restraining orders in family court, dispositions including dismissed, withdrawn and criminally not responsible by reason of mental disorder and other police involvements including allegations not resulting in charges, 911 calls and apprehensions.
  3. Police vulnerable sector check is the third tier of a background check. This report is restricted to organizations involved with vulnerable person /child and in a position of trust and authority. This report includes all of the contents of a standard criminal record check as well as all information about select sexual and violent offences for which the offender has received a record suspension. This report also discloses non-conviction information.

If you have any concerns or need assistance with the information contained in your criminal records, contact Donna V. Pledge at 416 630 8702 today.