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Assault Charges

Assault charges are some of the most serious charges that an individual can ever face. An assault is an offense under the criminal Code of Canada and it is considered both a crime and a tort, which means that assault charges may result in either criminal or civil liability. The need for a criminal lawyer is urgent and imperative in the case of assault charges. The more capable and knowledgeable your lawyer is, the higher your chances of successfully dealing with the charges.

Donna V. Pledge is an extensively experienced criminal lawyer skilled in representing defendants charged with assault. She is familiar with every aspect of the criminal law with respect to the various types of assault and the associated charges. Her expertise covers all areas of assault charges, including domestic assault, sexual assault, aggravated assault, and assault causing bodily harm. She is fully aware of the entire process, from the moment the client is removed from the home, to the moment the bail is set and the court date is set.

Donna V. Pledge understands the importance of acting quickly when it comes to assault charges. She knows that the entire process depends on contacting the right lawyer on time, before matters escalate further. As a criminal defence lawyer, she is fully aware of the devastating consequences assault charges can have on one’s life and one’s family if dealt with too late or inefficiently. Such charges call for a serious, experienced, and well established lawyer. Donna is a master in negotiation, cross examination, and mediation.

No matter what type of assault charges you or someone you know is facing, Donna V. Pledge is the ideal Toronto criminal attorney able to properly represent you in a court of law. She always keeps her client’s best interests at heart and she always focuses on achieving a successful outcome. Donna has exceptional cross examination skills, far reaching mediation and negotiation abilities, and has a profound understanding of the criminal law, particularly in the area of assault charges.

The potential punishment for an assault in Canada really depends on the manner in which the charge advances through the court system and, of course, on the type of assault that is committed. A criminal lawyer is required immediately in order to reduce the risks of receiving a maximum penalty. A defendant should immediately ask for an attorney making sure he or she fully benefits from their rights in this respect. Donna is the Toronto criminal lawyer to call when faced with assault charges in Ontario.

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