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Theft Charges

D. V. Pledge can successfully defend you against any theft charges

Taking things that belong to the public or other people without their knowledge and consent is considered theft. Theft is a crime in Ontario and is punishable by imprisonment or a fine (optionally) and can leave you with a criminal record. If you have been arrested and charged with theft, then you need a good lawyer to defend you whether you have committed the crime or not. Donna V. Pledge is an experienced and reputable criminal defense lawyer in Toronto who has successfully handled many theft cases.

It is absolutely necessary to hire a good criminal defense lawyer when you are charged with theft. An experienced lawyer can get your case dismissed or get you an acquittal if you are innocent or negotiate to have your sentence reduced if you are found to be guilty. You may choose to defend yourself, but if you have very little or no idea about the complexities of criminal lawsuits, it can be a huge detriment to your argument. It is in your best interest to hire a good Toronto criminal lawyer.

The Criminal Code of Canada defines several types of theft. ‘Petty theft’ is theft of items of little value, ‘Grand theft’ is theft of items of higher value, ‘Retail theft’ or ‘shoplifting’ is the theft of items offered for sale, and ‘identity theft’ is wrongfully using another person’s personal data to commit fraud or deception. All types of theft are punishable by a jail sentence and optionally a fine as determined by the court of law.

Section 334 of the Criminal Code states that “Except where otherwise provided by law, everyone who commits theft is guilty of an indictable offense and liable to imprisonment for …”

  • “… a term not exceeding two years where the value of what is stolen does not exceed five thousand dollars”.
  • “… a term not exceeding ten years where the property stolen is a testamentary instrument or the value of what is stolen exceeds five thousand dollars.”

The law office of Donna V. Pledge handles all types of thefts in Toronto including theft of money, theft of personal belongings, theft of public properties, theft of a motor vehicle, theft of telecommunication services, possession of device to obtain telecommunication facility or service, shoplifting and identity theft. No matter what kind of theft you have been charged with, we can defend you either prevent you from going to jail or have your sentence reduced. We have over twenty years of experience and many happy clients to prove our excellence.

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